Wearing a key says you have something special to share or protect.

Keys signify importance, revelation, and understanding. Keys are designed to guard our treasures and defend against intrusion.

Historically, keys have been worn to denote wealth, importance, religion, and community standing. The word “KEY,” which comes from the Old English word meaning “serving to open or explain,” has always had metaphorical associations, as in a means to uncover ideas or emotions that are hidden or blocked. In today’s terms, a key allows access to our own data.

Keys guide us to be open with our eyes, hearts, minds and souls.

KEYS to Open

Bright Ideas
True Love
Unique Experiences
Creative Flow
Exciting Adventures
Desire, Dreams, Goals
Fresh Ventures
New Beginnings

Keys remind us to keep close what we most value, be it bars of gold or the more valued.

KEYS to Lock

Preserve Cherished Memories
Keep True to Beliefs & Self
Stay on Track
Special Bonds
Guarded Secrets
Watch over our Precious Ones

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